Espinoza - Extras
Video Clip
2017 Videoclip for the Colombian Band Espinoza.
Short Film
2014. The greatest but also forgotten -due to rumors issues- Jewish Polish singer Wiera Gran is honored in this Video through two women trying to Inspirit her in this ritual.
Arpegio- Música inmobiliaria
Short Film
2013. Music: José Gallardo A (Muin)<br /><br /> Directed and produced: Valentina Romero and Esteban Rivera
Debris Trailer
Dance Film
2016. Directed and Produced: Valentina Romero and Esteban Rivera<br /> Cinematography: Francisco Medina and Esteban Rivera<br /> Camera Assistant: Jasper Techel<br /> Dance and Choreography: Samuel Minguillón and Ann- Christin Zimmermann<br /> Sound design: Ando Mitsukazu<br /> Rüdersdorf in Berlin, Germany.<br />
Experimental Film
2009. Snails, war and confrontation.<br /> Audio: Brigada de Control Ideológico (BCI)<br /> Direction and cinematography: Esteban Rivera<br /> Direction Assistant: Valentina Romero
A solas
Short Film
Darcy comes from the country but he likes the city.<br /> He's a multifaceted guy, he's an artist, a singer, a music composer, an independent label producer, and a dad.<br /> He's by his own and he has found a way to survive without working. Overall Darcy has solved how to do things without needing much more than its self existence.<br /> Maybe this is why his child life has no place in Darcy's life. He loves him, no doubt about it and misses the mother of his child. In his head things would have been different with her by his side, but in reality, he begins to loose so much time thinking about her with nostalgia while managing to survive each passing day with her new born baby.<br /> Darcy feels lonely and decide to visit his parents without knowing that he is about to ship to a life-changing trip.